Death and Destruction are never satisfied,
and neither are the eyes of man.

Proverbs 27:20 New International Version

Hell has a voracious appetite,
and lust just never quits.

Proverbs 27:20 The Message

America is a case study in the verse above.  We’ve become a nation of excesses.  It’s probably a good thing we’ve had these difficult economic times to give us a dose of reality.  Our houses were too big and filled with things we didn’t need.  But our eyes saw them, we thought we had the means and soon our debts were out of control.  The things our eyes longed for are sitting in corners collecting dust.  We don’t have the time to use our things, let alone store or take care of them.  So then we need bigger houses to hold more junk.

TV screams at us more, more, more.  We sit and watch them preach.  Meanwhile our little league baseball parks lie empty, no one sits on their front porches and even in our own homes we’re in different rooms our eyes glued to our own private screens.  Who needs human contact when every possible human need, except warmth and love, can be met by dots on a screen?  Who needs God for that matter?

Maybe something good can come out of this economic downturn.  Maybe it’s time to have our own personal stimulus package.  You can stimulate your own personal economy.  Get rid of all that crap and feel your shoulders get lighter.  Clean out the garage and your storage room.  Get those clothes out of your closet and the shoes and coats you never really wore and take them to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Pay off your debts so you can give to church instead of your slave master.  Turn off the TV and computer and PDA and iPod and cell phone and video game machine and CD player and play your own piano or talk to your kids or play a game of Dominos.  Sit on your porch in protest to eyes that never see enough and greet your neighbor as they pass by.  Gather around the kitchen and cut your own vegetables instead of paying McDonalds to do it and then wondering why your salad tastes like cardboard.  Sell your money pit of a new car and buy a junker you can afford and revel in having money left over at the end of the month.  Pay off your mortgage instead of believing the myth the TV Finance Gurus keep touting as wisdom that you need your mortgage to spend $10000 on interest to save $3000 in taxes.  Why do we believe these lies?  Or the great idea to take out a 10 year consolidation loan to pay off a 3 year loan to lower your payments.  Seven more years of bondage is a good thing?  What were we thinking?

Our eyes have gotten too big.  It’s time to close them and take a big deep breath.  Breath.  Observe.  Think.  Love.
Enjoy.  Live.  Embrace.

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