The prudent see danger and take refuge,
But the simple keep going and suffer for it.

Proverbs 27:12

I’ve been after him to go to counseling for years.
He said counseling was for sissies,
And a waste of money,
And quit your complaining.
I’m not gonna tell my problems to some stranger.
Now he wants to go to counseling.
Oh, he’s changing now.
But that was only after I filed for divorce.
Now it’s too late and I can’t get it back
I DON’T WANT to get it back
He doesn’t get it.

Too Many Wives

This refrain repeats like the ticking of a clock.  Over and over.  These wives say the same words.  Some husbands.  But mostly wives.  In my office the ratio is ten wives to one husband.  Scary.  The principle learned:

If she asks you to go to counseling
More than once
You’d better get the hint.
Marriage counseling is much cheaper
Than two lawyers
And two houses.
No, change that:
Two apartments
Small ones
Two heating bills
Two electric bills
Two cable bills
Two internet bills
Two beds for each kid
Two bicycles for each kid
Two play stations
Two sets of clothes
Custody payments
Dividing your retirement plan
Dividing your farmland or small business
At least I only get half the debt…Ha!  Ha!
Dividing your wedding pictures
And who gets the frickin’ freezer
I don’t have room for that
Dividing the kids
Dividing the kids
Dividing the kids
Every Wed night
Every other weekend
Every other holiday
Christmas at four houses
You’re so selfish I can’t believe it
You know I’m the better parent
I’ll take you to court again!
My X is bi-polar
Has a mental disorder
Crazy, a lunatic!
An alcoholic
She liked her credit card
Control freak
Cheated on me
Couldn’t keep his pants zipped
Couldn’t keep her mouth shut

And poverty will come on you like an armed bandit.

Proverbs 6:11

The clock keeps ticking.
Is it too late?
Is it too late?
Maybe marriage counseling wouldn’t be so bad.
He doesn’t let us argue.
He lets one of us talk and the other has to listen.
When I get upset he tells me to slow down.
Take the edge out.
Just say it.
You don’t have to say it in a mean way.
My wife heard me.
I could see it in her eyes.
And then this counselor dude gave us some ideas.
Good ideas.
Are you kiddin’ me?
I never even ever thought of that.
No wonder it never worked before.
OK.  I’m willing to try that.
She is, too?
No way???
She’d never do that before?!
When’s our next appointment?

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