A man’s own folly ruins his life,
yet his heart rages against the LORD.

Proverbs 19:3

I’ve already written a blog on this verse (see April 2).  This will be the first time I’ve written two blogs on the same Proverb.  I think I’m in good company here.  Think of all the books that have been written on:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Or John 3:16.    So if whole books can be written on a single verse, I’m guessing I can think of more than one thing to say about one, too.

Take this verse above.  What struck me about this verse today is the notion of blame, which, after 43 blogs, I hadn’t commented on yet.  Which is surprising given that when some people come to see me they are often pretty adept at pointing the finger.  Well, yeah, giving the finger, too.

This verse doesn’t say everything there is to say about evil.  There are certainly times when evil things happen to you and it’s not your fault.  This verse is commenting on when evil things are happening to you and it is your fault.  That would suck.  Life is tough enough.  But bringing on ruin to your own life because you made selfish choices would be really be a downer.  But even worse, would be if you didn’t realize the crap in your life was because you were making bad choices and instead you blamed God for your problems, or your spouse, or anyone else, for that matter.  Talk about a complete waste of time.  What a bummer to waste a perfectly good crisis that you brought on yourself by blaming someone else for it.

Evil will do that to you.  It has a way of blinding the evil-doer.  First it tells you it’s fine.  Then it tells you it won’t hurt you.  Then it tells you you’d be stupid not to.  No one will know.  Just this once.  I can stop.  It feels good.  God won’t see.  He won’t care if He does.  He knows I’m a good person.  If my spouse knew she’d actually be thrilled, because she wants me to be happy.  This will make me happy.  I deserve to be happy.  I’ve sacrificed enough.  Wow, that feels good.  When can I do it again?  This is my friend.  It’ll deliver me.  It is part of my life.  This is who I am.  I can’t stop, but I really don’t care.  Quit telling me to stop.  You are just a naysayer.  Why would you not want me to have fun?  I need to do this.  You’re such a control freak.  You manipulate me.  Can’t you see I’m just having fun?  You are on such a power trip.  What do you mean you’re leaving?  You are so selfish.  Everything has to go your way.  I can’t believe this crap.  God, you are ruining my life.  You are so capricious.  What kind of God allows such chaos to happen?  How can I believe in a God that would allow this to happen?  I can’t believe all you people.  Can’t you see I just enjoy this?  Can’t you lighten up?  Mind your own business?  Everybody just keeps picking on me.  Leave me alone.  Come here evil.  Evil is my friend.  Deliver me from all these judgmental creeps.  Thank you.  Fired?  What do you mean, fired?  Are you kidding me?  No one gets me.  I’m just all alone in the world.

And on and on it goes until a person wakes up under a bridge or they don’t wake up and…

What a complete waste of time to be consumed with anger and blame your spouse for pushing your buttons.

What a complete waste of time to yell at your child for being angry.

What a complete waste of time to criticize your mother-in-law for having a judgmental spirit.

What a complete waste of time to tell your wife to quit telling you to improve your life while you tell her to change.

What a compete waste of time it is to belittle your boss behind his back about how all he does is complain.

But, of course, if you are really good at this sort of thing, you won’t know it!  This is the great wonder of folly and evil and self-righteousness!!!  You are always right!  What a joy it will be to you!  What a friend you can be to yourself!  Rejoice, Oh, Always Right ONE!  The world revolves around YOU!  If only everyone else knew!

At this rate, you’ll have great practice for spending eternity by yourself in Hell because you’ll have figured out a way to make life Hell for yourself and everyone else around you.  And it’ll be everyone else’s fault!  That view might be just a tad bit disheartening on Judgment Day.  God might have a different opinion.  Just a guess.

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