Ben Stein has a wonderful article on Yahoo today titled: “How to Not Ruin Your Life: Get It Right Today, Be Glad Tomorrow.”  He says we can’t wait for anyone else to take care of us when we get old: not our inheritance from our parents, our kids, the government or anyone else.  The only one we can rely on is the Younger You.  He discusses how the Younger You needs to prepare to take care or the Older You and that right NOW you are the Younger You!  Here’s a brief quote and the URL.  Give it a go:

Sometimes, when I contemplate the damage done by the recession, the stock market collapse and the utter rout in real estate, I get really scared. Who is there to take care of me if things get even worse? Who on earth is there to take care of me the way I take care of so many others?

Then, my old dad comes to mind. “You are there to take care of you,” he once said. “The younger you is there to take care of the older you by virtue of the assets you accumulated when you were young…

This is a powerful lesson for us all. If we want to have a decent life in our latter years, especially with Social Security and Medicare nearing collapse, we need to accumulate while we are young. We most of all need to accumulate habits of sensible living — and especially not spending beyond our means.

See the entire article here:

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