Dr. Wall proposes we find creative solutions to our relationship problems by introducing fun into the equation.

Hardly ever.

100’s of couples to me after being asked how often the two of them have fun ALONE

I’m forever encouraging people to find creative ways to solve their problems instead of the sameold-sameold.  If he’s angry, he’s got an anger problem.  No one ever considers that maybe, just maybe, he feels left out or ignored.  She’s not interested in sex.  Ahhh, cuddling anyone or maybe some time to talk?  We’re not compatible.  Maaaaybe, ah, spend some time together and have a little fun?  If a relative  spurns you.  Cut them off for life!  How about a phone call or send them the latest family pics or bring them over a fresh pumpkin pie for no reason other than “you are important to me?”

A lot of people can’t do that.  They’d rather wallow in self-pity, loneliness and a stance of “I’m rightness” than swallow a little pride and bring joy into someone elses life.  I hope you aren’t “a lot of people” and you find away to be a source of joy in a world gone crazy.  We need more people like the following video clip.  Watch it with your spouse and your kids and have a little brainstorming session on how all of you could bring joy back to the fam.  May the house of whoever thought of the subject in this video be blessed.  You will be too:

By the way, if you are curious where I found this, I check a blog in Israel once a week or so.  Tamar Yonah posted the above on October 20, 2009.  Check her out at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Blogs/Message.aspx/3867.  She’s had some creative pieces posted on her blog.  She’s national radio personality in Israel.

Smile today.  It’s on me.


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