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Ask Dr. Bing Podcast #7: What is Our Approach to Marital Therapy?

In today’s culture marriage is devalued at every turn and many therapists embrace this anti-marital and cultural-wide stance.  It is important that you know your therapist believes in marriage, is married himself and specializes in the field.

We don’t just ask you how you feel or what you need to do to be happy!  We’re concerned about your marriage.  You made a promise.  Our society screams that you shouldn’t settle!  If your feelings are gone your spouse needs to be gone!  You deserve to be happy!

We say we’re tired of the Woe-is-me-I’m-a victim-and-have-no-responsibility mentality so common in our society.  It’s time to grow up.  We’ve got enough 14-year olds already!  We could use a few adults.  Starting with you would be fine!

I explain in this podcast three points that differentiate Heart to Heart Communication and our website,, from the pack.  I remind my listeners of my Masters Level and Ph.D. work in marriage at Iowa State University, my 36-year marriage and my continual learning from the thousands of couples I’ve seen.  So our first characteristic is that we specialize in marriage!  We talk about marriage in our supervision meetings and I share the methods and insights I’ve learned with our staff and supervision students.

Secondly, we take a mentoring-coaching approach with our clients.  We’re great listeners, but we’re also not opposed to give you a few ideas along the way.  We know the terrain.  We’ve been down that road with many others.  We can share what the journey looks like and what it’ll take from you.  This is reassuring for our clients.   We don’t let you beat each other up in our sessions and you can’t pay us enough to fight in our office!  We’re not trying to pick sides.  We’re trying to help you both make the changes you need to make for the marriage’s sake!

Thirdly, we believe in the intrinsic value of marriage, that marriage is made up of the complementary nature of one husband and one wife to create a new family that is meant to span the generations, provide nurturing and love for the next generation and stability for our neighborhoods, cities, country and the world.  A man and woman couple, married for the rest of their lives, form the nucleus of a thriving family and provide the safest and warmest place for children to be raised.  Children have a right to be raised by their birth parents!  This is the best way!  At Heart to Heart Communication and we’re doing all we can to re-introduce this foreign concept back into American culture!

We believe in marriage.  Let us help you believe in yours!  Let us help you keep your commitment that you made in good faith.

So check out our new podcast, and, if need be, give us a call.

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