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Dating Idea: Creative Dinner At Home: Tim Tebow T-Bone, Bow Tie Mac & Cheese Game-Day Dinner

If you are a regular reader you’ll recall that Brandon had a couple of blogs on this website (here and here) about dating your spouse at home (sometimes), especially with little kids and budgets and having to get babysitters and all.  Prior to his entry I’d been advocating it’s imperative the couple get out and about and DO DIFFERENT THINGS in order to create memory and common interests.

But, you know, sometimes old fogies don’t want to go out either and a quite evening at home is just fine.  For some of us, of whatever age, it is just the ticket.  We run around all week and to just chill with our sweetheart is totally fine.

If you are going to do that, though, I’d suggest that once in a while you do something special with that dinner of yours for fun, for laughs or just because.  Making special moments special is half the fun.

A case in point:

Dr. Bing’s Tim Tebow Play-Off T-Bone Dinner, Complete with Bow Tie Mac & Cheese, Tomato and Bacon Salad, Tater and Butter, T-Rolls and Butter and Blush Table Wine

Everything had to have a T and B in it.

I confess it’s NOT really a T-Bone.  It’s actually a Porterhouse, because the filet on the Porterhouse is so much bigger than on a regular T-Bone and the Porterhouse was only 50 cents a pound more.  The bone in the steak still looked like a T to me, so good enough.  A Porterhouse is the perfect memory food.  There’s a filet on one side and sirloin on the other: Fancy dinner on the one hand and a picnic on the other.  We bought one and had leftovers and made steak and fried potato hash the next day before church.

The Taters and Butter was a stretch on the T and the B deal, but who’s cares?  It was our party.  We made the rules.

My favorite was the Bow Tie Mac & Cheese.  I made enough for two (we had left overs for one more meal) and invented my own recipe and I gotta say, the Mac and Cheese and a Porterhouse went awesome together.

I kicked up this Bow Tie Mac & Cheese dish with Brie, Velvetta, and Chedder Cheeses, Butter, Sour Cream and Half-and Half. My doctor will be pleased to know this isn’t on my diet every day.  Way good, though.

The game was a dud, if you were rooting for the Broncos, but the Patriots and Tom Brady were amazing.  Who cares?

It’s a game, right.  We had fun.

My wife was amused by my crazy dinner.

I really, really like amusing my wife.


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