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Successful Marriages–Successful Lives

After embarrassing us all with such crappy shows as Mob Wives, etc., it’s refreshing to read in our public media an article about football players’ wives that was taking a positive spin.  Check out this article where the Jacksonville Jaguars are reported to make sure players’ wives come with their husbands’ to the recruiting interview.  The reason?

Mike Mularkey, the Jaguars’ new head coach, stressed free agents that have a good family life would become a priority. “If you’re happy at home with your wife at home, I think the energy level is higher,” Mularkey told the Wall Street Journal. “It’s very important to me … There’s a lot that goes with being married. I just believe the happier you are with your wife, the happier you are on the field. I really believe that.”

Is that ever cool.  Of course, he’s not the only person who ever figured that out.  In Dave Ramsey’s new best seller he says it’s absolutely crucial for employers to meet the spouses of their potential new hires because drama at home extends to drama at the office.  He even goes so far as to suggest various kinds of gatherings to see the recruit and his or her spouse in different settings to get a real feel to how the couple gets along.

And Thomas Stanley, the researcher and writer about millionaires and their habits discovered beyond a shadow of a doubt that nearly ALL millionaires (92% in his sample) are married.  I’ve reported on his research here.

All this is old hat to anyone familiar with Proverbs 31 that says her husband will be known in the city gates when he sits among the elders of the land.*  Hello.

So there’s more than one reason to get along with your spouse, turns out.  I knew that. Did you?  If you need some help figuring that out give us a holler.


*Proverbs 31:23


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