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Dealing With Relatives Over The Holidays: Podcast

extended familyToday we introduce a new format for the Thriving Couples Podcast.  We’re experimenting with different techniques of getting the information we provide out to our audience.  Today’s interview style is a little less formal.  We hope you enjoy this approach.  Let us know.  We’ll also be expanding to video presentations in the near future, so keep coming back to for your encouragement to keep your relationships strong.

In this podcast I discuss with Brandon how to keep your sanity amongst our crazy extended families.  We all have them!  So….what do we do about them?!

Difficult Relatives

A common issue among couples is conflict in their extended family.   It’s easy for those tense relationships to take the joy out of what is supposed to be a blessed time.  For some folk the holidays don’t bring joy–they bring tension, anxiety, rejection and even fear.  A sixteen minute podcast isn’t going to solve extreme cases, but all of us could use a pointer or too to make these times a bit more enjoyable.

Need Some Help?

Feel free to give us a call to set up a time if you want to talk with us in more detail how to handle your particular situation.  Having a third party give you some objective insight can be very helpful.  Keep in mind, one of my points in the podcast is the issue is often NOT the issue and if you and your spouse are fighting about either of your families, it may not be the extended families that is the major problem.  It may very well be the reason you keep fighting about this issue is because your relationship isn’t strong enough!  Just a thought.

Listen is as I discuss with Brandon this and several other key points on surviving the holidays with our “loved ones”!

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