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It is no secret that money is one of the biggest issues in marriage.  Here’s one of the reasons why: Before they were married, they were single living the high life.  Thomas Stanley reports only around 2% of millionaires are single.

Why so low?  A single person is all alone.  Who cares what they do?  Exactly!  The single person should!  What you do every day becomes a lifestyle and before you know it debt is chocking you to death.

Who makes up married people?  Formerly single people!

Single people meet the person of their dreams and perhaps both of them have been a little loose with money and they get married and right out of the gate they’ve got a basement full of debt!  AHHHHH!  What kind of way is that to start their marriages?!

You want to be careful, if you are a single person, to start developing frugal habits while single so when you get married you can carry those habits into your marriage.

If you are married you don’t want debt to determine how you spend your money.  If you have debt, your creditor is determining your budget (to be fair: you decided to go into debt back in the day to this creditor and now the creditor is your master).  You are giving your power away.  Another term for that is SLAVERY!

Enough!  Off with its head!  (Love that line from the queen in Alice in Wonderland!)

Check out  the story below.  Here’s a single guy earning barely anything and he paid off over $20 grand in two years.  Hey, if he can do it, you can too.  His sacrifice is extreme.  His results spectacular.

Be encouraged.

Paying Off $26,500 in Debt in Less Than 2 Years

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