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Welcome to, the official website for Heart to Heart Communication, LC.

Dr. Bing Wall is the founder of Heart to Heart Communication, LC, a counseling practice in Central Iowa specializing in couples and adult individuals around relationship issues.  Dr. Wall sees clients in both Urbandale and Ames, Iowa.  Carol Caskey, LMSW, also works with Heart to Heart and sees clients in Ames, Iowa.

For contact Information:

Offices in Ames and Urbandale, Iowa:

Phone: TOLL FREE: 888-233-4334

For Our Ames Office:

319 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50010

Ames Phone: 515-233-8473

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For Our Urbandale Office:

2759 86th St., Suite #103, Executive Suites, Westmark Plaza, Urbandale, Iowa 50322

NOTE REGARDING OUR URBANDALE OFFICE:  We do not have a Google Map here because the online maps won’t get you to our office!  Our address says 86th St., but our office is behind Panara Bread to the east across the parking lot from Panara Bread.  If you use your GPS map app you will get confused, because the strip mall (Westmark Plaza) where our office is located is 1 and 1/2 blocks to the east of 86th Street!  It goes like this going east from 86th St: 1) 86th St.; 2) Frontage Road; 3) Panara Bread; 4) Parking Lot; 5) Executive Suites, one of the offices located in the strip mall called “Westmark Plaza”.  Our office is number #103 inside Executive Suites.  Executive Suites is located between Solon Classique and Groucho’s Bar.  If you use your GPS to find Panara Bread (2839 86th St, Urbandale, IOa 50322) you should be able to find our office.

Des Moines phone: 515-274-4242

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If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Heart to Heart Communication, LC, and completing the intake forms online before your appointment, contact our office (for contact information, click here) and you will be given a password.

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