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Signs Therapy Might Be Needed?

What are some signs that may indicate we should come to Heart to Heart Communication?
1.    You notice your love for your spouse seems to be getting less and less over time.
2.    You feel resentment toward your spouse.
3.    You notice you haven’t gone out on a date with each other for a long time.   You never seem to have the time.
4.    Something seems unfair to you (for example, not enough sex or one person doesn’t help enough around the house) and you don’t seem to be able to get anywhere.
5.     You notice you are starting to be tempted to have an affair.
6.    You look for ways to not be with your spouse.
7.    You are afraid to talk about certain things for fear it will break into an argument or unpleasant feelings.
8.    One of you has had an affair.
9.    You don’t seem to be able to communicate.
10.    Your spouse doesn’t seem to be there for you.
11.    If feels like you do all the giving in the relationship.
12.    Your spouse acts pretty selfish.
13.    Some of your spouse’s choices really bother you.
14.    You feel you are on a different spiritual path than your partner.
15.    You are starting to feel like you have different overall goals from your partner.
16.    You have too many arguments that end up nowhere.
17.    You don’t seem to be able to resolve differences.
18.    Sexuality seems boring.
19.    You don’t want to have sex anymore (or never wanted it).
20.    You feel pressured to have sex.
21.    You feel rejected by your spouse.
22.    Your partner seems repulsed by you sexually.
23.    You feel your partner doesn’t love you any more.
24.    You feel your partner doesn’t respect you any more.
25.    Your spouse used to be your best friend, but now???
26.    Your spouse doesn’t come home from work til very late.
27.    Your spouse has a lot of time where you don’t know where he or she is.
28.    You don’t ask your spouse questions for fear you’ll be attacked or he or she will be defensive.
29.    You feel more and more distant from your spouse.
30.    Your spouse’s or your drinking is starting to be a problem.
31.    You are feeling very depressed about life or your marriage.
32.    You are feeling lonely in the relationship.
33.    You are starting to feel like you are losing hope in the marriage.
34.    Your partner seems to ignore your suggestions.

If ANY of these are starting to occur, CALL US TODAY!

NOTE: This is a small list and there certainly could be other concerns.

NOTE: The earlier you call us in the development of these types of concerns, the easier it is to work on them and develop new habits to restore hope in the marriage.

What if we’re doing pretty well and just want a marriage tune-up?
This is the type of work we like to do because it is rewarding to see couples improve an already great relationship.  All couples could use some outside inspiration to keep their marriages on tract.  Fifty years ago you could let your relationship flounder, but that is no longer the case.  People want satisfying relationships and unfortunately, for many, if they are not finding that, they seek satisfaction elsewhere. It is much better to come to us before you need to talk to a lawyer.  We have had many people who come to see us after their spouses have said, “it’s too late.”


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