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Thoughts Can Ruin Your Marriage!  Tribute to Zig Zigler

When things get difficult in our marriages it’s easy to think what we need are changing circumstances and then everything will be fine.  For too many people the thought is either I need a divorce to get away from this negative situation or I need my spouse to change.

Careful.  You don’t have control over whether or not your spouse changes and divorce causes a whole host of unforeseen problems.  Chances are the more you complain about your spouse needing to change, the more your spouse will resist you.  Even if he doesn’t, it may be out of his skill set, ability or circumstance (such as his job or his mother or his X). Or, let’s say you don’t complain, but you let the circumstances or your spouse’s this or that bug you.  That’ll determine how you treat your spouse.  If you aren’t generous to your spouse, why should you expect your spouse to treat you nicer than you are treating her?

It all comes down to the attitude of your heart.  You DO have control over that!

Jesus said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”


And 1000 years before that Solomon wrote:  “Do not revile the king even in your thoughts.”*

YIKES!  Who of us can say we haven’t reviled the king?  The application is clear:  we shouldn’t revile anyone.  Who can say we haven’t reviled our spouse, boss, coworkers, even our own children?

Motivational speaker and author, Zig Zigler, 86, passed away last week.  He’s know for his positive attitude and helping others turn their lives around.  In the video clip below he tells a classic story from his experience on this topic I’ve included for your encouragement.  The illustration he’s giving is about a woman’s negative attitude about work, but it could easily be applied to your home life situation.  The clip is a little over 9 minutes.  It’s worth a look:

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