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Can Marriage Therapists Present a Point of View?

This is another blog in a series from old things I’m finding cleaning out files…past due, no doubt (click Here for the others). The quote below is left over from my dissertation back in my Ph.D. studies at Iowa State in the 1990’s! YIKES! In any case . . .

Can You Help Us With Communication?

The number one complaint women bring to therapy is “My husband won’t talk to me.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the second complaint is, “I can’t say anything to him without him taking it personal and getting mad or shutting down.”

My Spouse is Leaving Me. Can You Help Me?

This certainly isn’t the reason I went into marital therapy…to see couples break up. It turns out I’m not a miracle worker. Some folk come to see me too late to save things. It’s a pretty crazy time . . .


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