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My passion in life is helping as many couples as I can to thrive. If that is you, you have come to right place. I’ve been serving the Ames and Des Monies Iowa area for over 20 years.  My specialty is couples and marriage counseling, though I also see individuals too. I’ve heard, literally, thousands of stories. My clients have taught me what works and doesn’t work. And, most important, I’m not afraid to share it with you.  You can come in with your spouse or by yourself. Either way, I will work with you to help you get out of the weeds and get back on the right track.
My approach is to view the wider system at play and then help you process and adapt to the ins and outs of every day life. This means I will share in thoughts and opinions about what I think will work and not work. I am not the type of therapists who simply sits there and says “Sure” and “I see.”  My years of experience has taught me that most couples desire direction and someone that can speak into their lives.  I look forward to you phone call.

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Dr. Bings’s practice concentrations are in the following areas

Coping Skills
Marriage/couples counseling
Life Coaching
Self Esteem
Peer Relationships
Anger Management
Career Counseling
Family Conflict
Rebuilding Trust

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What Others Are Saying About Dr. Bing’s Therapy

When we had several major stresses appear in our lives, I was at a crisis point and took it out on our marriage. Dr. Wall pointed out that bringing job stress home with me wasn’t fair to either of us or our family, and gave us tools by which we could discuss the tension without losing control of the situation. We found out that even after 18 years of marriage, we could use lessons in communication- for that we will remain very grateful. I see the techniques he gave us staying with us forever as long as we continue to appreciate their value, and recommend his method of marital counseling to anyone feeling they need a fresh approach in dealing with a troubled relationship. Husband

Retired Engineer

After a four month separation, my husband and I decided to try one more time to make our marriage work. Two weeks later, it was obvious we needed help, or a divorce was imminent. A friend recommended Bing Wall, and my husband and I went to see him. Bing was wonderful! He listened to both our stories, and let us get our feelings out. Then he began to give us the tools we needed to save our marriage. Without Bing’s help, we would have become just another statistic–one more “single mom,” and one more “weekend dad.” Bing Wall saved our marriage, and gave our children back the happy, secure childhood they deserve. Thanks to Bing, my husband and I now have the communication skills to keep us loving each other, and respecting each other. Wife


When we came to Bing we didn’t (think we had) much of a marriage left. We were ready to divorce and felt that if there was going to be a marriage to save we needed counseling. One of us was pretty hesitant about the counseling idea, however. After a few sessions we began to see some positive changes in our relationship. The communication tools that Bing helped to demonstrate and have us practice, were extremely beneficial. We have started to get closer to one another again, and it has helped us to be more in love. (This was encouraging to us, especially) after building such destructive relationship patterns (prior to coming to therapy). We feel Heart to Heart has allowed us to build a strong healthy relationship as part of a building block to a complete future for (our) family. Wife


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