Like a city whose walls are broken down
is a man who lacks self-control.

Proverbs 25:28

This proverb is a little scary.  The symbolism of this verse is a bit lost to us in modern times.  Back in history, before modern technology and our large nation-states, people gathered in cities, behind city walls, for protection.  Even the farmers would live within the city gates at night and venture out to their fields by day.  Protection is a fundamental need.  Without protection we end up in chaos.  In our modern days consider New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina when the security structure was breached.  Not a pretty sight.

The verse above says that self-control is protection.  We all need protection.  Without protection chaos is right behind.  Unfortunately, self-control is not very popular in our culture.  Liberty and freedom without self-control leads to anarchy.  Excess is in.  Even our government is touting that as a nation we have to borrow and spend to solve the problems of borrowing and spending!  The pattern trickles down to the masses from the nation’s leaders and it seeps up from the masses to our leaders.  Debt is good.  You can’t make money unless you borrow and leverage other people’s money.  Bigger houses.  Seven year loans on new cars.  That’s the ticket!  You don’t need an emergency fund!  You can always borrow money if you need it on your house!

Sex is not something to be protected behind the private walls of marriage; it is to indulged in at any moment.  Sex is a commodity.  It’s NOT an expression of love, tenderness, commitment and spiritual oneness.  How old fashioned.  Sex is something you GET.  GET more.  Anywhere.  With anyone.  It doesn’t even matter what gender.  It’s all in the getting.  Marriage is a bore.  Live together to save money.  Do it now!  Don’t wait for anything.  There’s nothing worth waiting for.  You want it.  You feel it.  You get it.  Eat, drink and be merry.  With an emphasis on the eating.  And an emphasis on the drinking and high five to the merry part.  Go for all the gusto.  Don’t be a prude.  Modesty is scorned.  Skin is in. You deserve a break today.  There are no consequences.  The only consequence is not having enough pleasure NOW.  You only have today.  Life is too short.  I’m not gonna take it any more.

Say whatever think, whatever you feel, whenever you think and feel it.  You have anger?  Express it.  Other’s feelings would be hurt?  Who cares?  As long as YOU are happy.  You are the most important.  Don’t they get it?  Your mother-in-law gives you advice you didn’t ask for?  Put her in her place.  In front of everyone.  Add fuel to the fire.  Burn the house down.  Because YOU are right and everyone else is wrong.

Money, sex, anger, gluttony, drunkenness.  If we had self-control, I’d be out of business.

Here’s a thought: a couple meets at church and falls in love.  They court for a year and take each other home to meet their families.  They save sex for each other after they are married.  By keeping the fire of sex in their own fireplace, their hearts and their home is  warm.  They drink an occasional glass of wine when out for dinner.  Their debts are paid.  They have money in the bank for emergencies.  They only buy things they can afford.  If they have a disagreement they talk it out.  They bear the shortcomings of their relatives.  They share joy and sorrow.  Their kids are raised in a safe, caring home where mom and dad love each other.  They go to church on Sunday to remind themselves that life does not revolve around them, that they answer to somebody else.

Sound boring?  How are your city walls doing?

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