Dr. Wall comments on the importance of real flesh and blood dads being present with their children every day.

I hardly ever saw my dad after my mom and dad divorced.

Too Many Clients to Count

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one saying dads are necessary (For other blogs on this topic click here and here).    I’m amazed at how cavalier some moms are on divorcing their husbands, figuring out their kids will be fine.  Right.  Tell that to the juvenile probation officer.  Boys and girls need their dads everyday.  They need the warmth and softness of mom’s hug and the security and firmness of dad’s hug.  Dad’s daughter needs a loving relationship with him, so she won’t need a loving relationship with any dork that shows her attention.  Dad’s son needs the coaching of his dad to spur him on to be better than he thinks he can be.  This is what dad’s do.  Fire the dads; hurt the kids.

Here’s an interesting take: researchers in Africa discovered that baby elephants taken away from their fathers become VIOLENT!!!!  Then they took the baby elephants back to the daddy elephants and, what do you know: the baby elephants stopped being violent.  Hmmmm.  Check out the article below:



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