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Ask Dr. Bing Podcast #6: Dr. Bing Wall’s Story: Why He Became A Marriage Therapist

Not everyone cares about the background of their therapist, but for those that do, I explain a little of my journey from being a pastor and youth pastor for 15 years to going back to graduate school at age 42 with 4 children to study and prepare to become a marriage therapist.

The style of this podcast is a bit different.  I record the podcast on a walk in the early morning.  You can hear the birds in the background and I’m talking like you and I are just chatting.  It’s a lot more informal than the other podcasts to date.

One of the authors that had a huge impact upon me was Dr. Francis Schaeffer.  I refer to him in this podcast.  I read most of his books in the early 70’s.  The ones that impacted me the most with their links are the following:

The God Who Is There

Genesis in Space and Time

And True Spirituality.

I refer also to the book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible and Solomon’s statement that there is a time and a place for everything under the sun.  Knowing when to talk about things and knowing when NOT to is wisdom.  You can read the original passage here.

A book that helped me through my midlife “crisis” was The Season’s of a Man’s Life by Daniel Levinson.  It was recommended to me by my counselor at the time.  I ended up reading it twice.  After reading it I realized I wasn’t crazy after all and I needed to be proactive about the rest of my life and how I used my time.  I ended up preparing for a whole new career.  This podcast tells a little of that journey.

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