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Ask Dr. Bing Podcast #8: Dr. Bing Wall Formally Introduces the Thriving Couples Model!

Welcome to the revealing of the Thriving Couples Model to the larger community.  I use this Model in marital therapy and in working with supervision of marital therapy cases and have decided to share it with our readers and podcast listeners.  The purpose of the Model is to help couples assess how they are doing and to see where they need to put their emphases to improve the relationship.  It also helps marital therapists and their clients assess where the couples’ strengths are and where to begin work in counseling.

You can access information about the Model in five different forms:

As A Podcast:

The Model is explained in an one hour introductory podcast available below.

As a Brief Narrative Online:

I’ve provided a brief explanation of the Model in today’s blog available here.

As a PDF Graphic:

The Graphic helps visualize the relationship between the concepts.  The Graphic is available for download on our Thriving Couples Model page.  Our thanks to my son, Marty Wall, for his development of the Graphic.  See his other work at

As a PDF Chart Contrasting Living As Roommates vs. Husbands and Wives:

The Chart lists the 6 levels of the Model from the point of view of Living as a Roommate  and contrasts that with Living as Husbands and Wives.  The difference is startling.  Many couples divorce before ever even living as husbands and wives!  How sad to divorce your roommate never even knowing what living as a husband or wife is!  YIKES!  Take a look at this chart!  It is available on our Thriving Couples Model page.

As a PDF Narrative Explanation:

The PDF Narrative Explanation is the same text as is available in today’s blog.  With the PDF, you can download it and have ready access to it on our Thriving Couples Model page.

If you are wanting to explore the Model in your marriage in more detail, give us a call.  We’d be happy to help you work it through.

To hear my one hour podcast explaining the Model click on the podcast button below:

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