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Series: Dating Ideas Summer 2011: Taylor’s Maid Rite, Marshalltown, Iowa

We won’t give up sharing dating ideas on our web site.  We’re just saying good-bye to summer, even though as I write this in the first week of October it is 86 Degrees!  Crazy.  I have one other date from summer 2011 to share with you after this one

My wife, Mary Sue, and I made some short motorcycle trips as we’ve done most summers to area cafes and I thought I’d share one of our favorites.  The main one I’m featuring today is Taylor’s Maid Rite in Marshalltown, Iowa.  It goes back to 1928 and is one of the original Maid Rites, being the third one to open.   Going there is a walk back in time.  It seats around 15 or so around a counter.  Rumor has it the pineapple malts and sour cream and raisin pie are to die for and to avoid going right at mealtime, or you’ll be standing around a long time. If you want a unique dining experience, Taylor’s is worth the trip from anywhere.

Each summer we make a few short trips on our motorcyle to area restaurants for a nice little date. The trip to Marshalltown from Ames is about 40 miles via the back country roads, which are much prettier than the 4-Lane.  Part of the trip was on the original Lincoln Highway.

A view from outside of Taylor’s. It hasn’t been updated in years, which is why it is so charming.

Love the menu! The only option for a hot meal is Maid-Rites and Cheese-Rites. Then there’s malts and pies. How can you go wrong on a menu like that?

Taylor’s almost was shut down in 2010 by the State of Iowa for cooking their raw meat with their cooked meat, the same method they’d used for over 70 years!  Taylors finally had to split the raw meat from the cooked meat. So far so good.

A few years back Taylor’s ran a campaign: with or without catsup? They hadn’t had it in the shop up until then. Catsup won out and now you can get it with your Maid Rite sided with your chocolate shake in a Taylor’s Maid Rite glass. We’ve bought a few of these glasses from Taylor’s over the years and drink our orange juice from them.  Of course you know you eat your Maid Rite with a spoon?

Motorcycle attire is fine. We looked right at home.  This guy obviously is not aware of the spoon etiquette.

They ship Taylor’s Maid Rites around the world or you can take some home and freeze them yourself and enjoy whenever. Some traditions are worth savoring.


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