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Dating Ideas for Fall: Review: The Open Flame Restaurant, Gilbert, Iowa

One of the biggest problems of couples today is not spending enough time together ALONE.  Or, the only thing they do alone is going to kids events.  Hey, your kids are going to grow up and then you will be face to face with each other for another 30-40 years!  Maybe it’d be time to give your friendship with each other a go.  To assist you on that journey, I’m having a few blogs about dating ideas in Central Iowa.   My wife and I have enjoyed dating each other in Central Iowa since we moved to Iowa in 1985.  I’ll share some of those ideas as well as new ones we discover along the way.

A regular place we’ve eaten over recent years is called The Open Flame in Gilbert, Iowa.  Their claim to fame is an open pit in the middle of the dining area where you can grill your own steak that you pick out from the refrigerator yourself.  They have seasonings there for your choice as well as Texas toast and a cast iron Dutch oven filled with baked potatoes ready to go.  The onion rings are one of our favorites.  We usually split a rib eye as it’s plenty for the two of us.  If you don’t want to grill your steak or Kabob yourself, for a couple of bucks extra they will do it for you.

Don’t go for the decor.  It hasn’t been updated in a couple of decades and that’s part of the charm.  You can find other open flame restaurants in the area, but this one has that ambiance similar to Taylor’s Maid Rite (see an earlier blog) that invites you just to chill.

Directions: Gilbert is 3 miles north of Ames on Highway 69.  Turn left on E23 into town.  Cross the tracks and take an immediate right.  The Open Flame is on your left.

I don’t have a pic of The Open Flame to show you (You can click here for a video review of the restaurant.), but I have an October picture from a previous year that we took two blocks away from the restaurant on our way to dinner.  We laughed when we saw it.  Not sure if the people who displayed this Halloween treat are doing it again this year or not, so I’m sharing it with you.  Keep your eyes open.

I decided to share this pic today because one of my sons is a cartoonist and he just called and reminded me he had a perfect therapy cartoon for Halloween.  Since we’re entering that season, I thought I’d share it.  We thank himfor his contribution to our site.  You can see some of his other cartoons at  Thanks, Marty!


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