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Series: Dating Ideas: Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, NE

This blog is written by Dr. Bing Wall and Philly Wall.

One of the things I tell couples is to get away from home once a quarter, just the two of them, to build memories and common interests and to encourage their ongoing friendship.  I find that it is rare a couple will spend a night in a hotel somewhere once a quarter, let alone once a year!  Why once a quarter?  If you only go out alone overnight once a year, if your annual outing is over Valentine’s Day and you are lonely in October, the thought of not being alone again until February is not very comforting.  If the couple had an overnight in August and one planned for November, if a spouse is lonely in October he or she can say, “Well we’ll be going in November and we had a great time in August.”  He or she has one to look back upon and one to look forward to.   This gets people through extra busy times.

Another time I’d recommend an overnight out of town is after finishing a big project at work or home such as a farmer taking his wife on a trip after harvest or after planting or a CPA and her husband going together after tax season, or a grad student after the thesis or dissertation is done or after remodeling the basement.  Business writer, Fred Smith, calls this “the light at the end of the tunnel” meaning if your spouse knows you will give them undivided attention after a long busy time and you both have something to look forward to, the couple will do a lot better cooperating during the busy time.

But we’d also like to welcome our readers from around the Omaha area.  We have a 3 year plan of opening an office in Omaha for Heart to Heart Communication, and we want our clients and readers from the Omaha-Council Bluffs area to be served by this website also.  If you are from the Omaha area, you can read the blogs not just about the Omaha area, but about Central Iowa and Kansas City and Minneapolis and Chicago and get so good ideas for a creative adventure with your spouse.  While we don’t have any blogs on those areas yet, we plan to cover the major cities in the Midwest in our blogging for dating ideas in the near future to encourage our readers to take advantage of the geographical area to enhance their relationship.

We’d like this to be a collaborative process, also, and if you’ve had an awesome date somewhere in the Midwest and you took some pictures and you’d like to share your experience send it to us and we’ll take a look.  Thanks.

My son, Brandon and his wife, Philly, and family and mother-in-law spent some time at the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha.  Philly wrote us a summary and included some pics:

The Lauritzen Gardens located in Omaha, NE is a beautiful version of a mid-western botanical gardens.

The gardens are open year around and have displays for every season. Tucked away right off of Interstate 80 it is a nice place to stop for a casual stroll and peaceful afternoon.

Before going it’s good idea to check their calendar of events. This last weekend was their 10 year anniversary so the gardens were open free to the public along with activities and crafts for children, music, and other activities. Our family enjoyed a gorgeous fall day eating kettle corn, pumpkin panting, watching model trains race along their tracks, viewing antique tractors, listening to polka music, and taking in the vibrant fall colors.

Across the way from the Lauritzen gardens you can view two of the largest trains every made in the United States and learn a little history about the Union Pacific Railroad. After President Abraham Lincoln signed an act that would allow the completion of the transcontinental railroad some of the first rails were laid in Omaha.

If I remember correctly, the big black train weighs about 2.5 million pounds!

Omaha is the headquarters of the Union Pacific Railroad, but if you have interest in the history I would also suggest checking out the Union Pacific Railroad Museum located in the old public library in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The gardens are a nice place to visit, however, you probably wouldn’t spend a whole day there. It is literally minutes away from the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and The Old Market, so there are plenty of other places to visit on your date to Omaha!


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