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Dr. Bing Brags a Little (Sorry) about His Son, Jeff

If you will permit me to take off my therapist’s cap for a moment, I’d like to brag about our 24-year old son, Jeff, and his recent accomplishments that have been praised in a recent review.  Jeff has been interested in food and it’s finer points since he was a child, and before becoming the Executive Chef of La Fourchette in 2010, he worked for two years under French chefs at Joel’s, a now closed, but highly respected French Restaurant in Atlanta.

Jeff’s creativity and passion for food are off the charts.  Mary Sue and I had the delight of eating at his Restaurant last winter.  Wow.  We were blown away.

The things he makes have names I can’t pronounce, let alone know what they mean. They are works of art, little snap shots of heaven. I’m spell bound, really.  He makes his mom and I look better than we are.

Now it looks like others are discovering his talent as well.  He received a recent rave review from an Atlanta food blooger (The ATL Food Snob).  Here’s a shot and the author’s comment from their article to give you a taste:

Duck Leg Confit- my favorite dish of the night (c) BGBphotography

And a sampling of their praise:

Chef Wall is obviously very talented, and the owners made a great choice with his hire. He puts his heart and soul into the food and you can see his passion, not only on the plate, but when you speak with him about technique and the ingredients he cultivates and weaves together for his dishes. I sincerely hope La Fourchette and he are gracing Atlantans with their presence for many years to come and I look forward to my next visit!

And a really cool pic they took of Jeff:

Executive Chef Jeff Wall in his kitchen

You can check out the website of his restaurant here.  He also runs the snazzy pizza shop next door called Tartufo Pizza.

Congratulations, Jeff!

Next time you are in Atlanta, check him out!


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