Dr. Bing shares a link to a positive article about Tim Tibow and what makes him tick.  If you need a little encouragement, read on:

Dr. Bing Wall



Much of the press around Tim Tibow has been tongue in cheek or patronizing or sarcastic, all written, no doubt by lesser men.  After hearing in my office year after year the tragic stories of young men stewing their brains for decades on alcohol or literally turning their drive to mush on marijuana and not even caring or rewiring their brains through perverted pathways via porn or pissing away their lives on video games, it’s refreshing to read about a guy who’s figured out there’s more to life than getting high or making oneself out to be a fool.  Good for you Tim Tibow.

A friend on Facebook shared the following article that tried to get into what’s really important to Tibow beyond the hoopla and scoffing.  Read it and go cleanse your life.  Really.  We’ve got enough jackasses already.



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