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Creative Idea: No Technology Tuesday

You can drive through our cities and towns today and where 20 years ago you’d see children playing in the yards and streets and playgrounds, now you rarely see children outside playing with any one or with any thing.  Everyone’s too busy watching TV or playing video games or checking email or texting someone. What is going to be the effect of this disconnect in thirty years?  I shudder to think.

Brandon, my son who writes blogs here on thrivingcouples, told me he recently saw in a restaurant three couples sitting at three separate tables with each person interacting solely with their Smart Phones and totally ignoring their partners.  All three couples were on Friday night dates concentrating on whatever drivel was on their tiny little screens instead of interacting with their sweethearts!

This would be funny if it weren’t tragic.

One of the blessings of being a marriage therapist dude is I learn things from my clients.  It’s a real treat to see people thriving after some kind of disappointment or problem and I’m always curious to ask, what was the key to your rising above this obstacle?

Recently, a couple shared with me an idea they’d been trying with much success.  The reason they came up with it is because they discovered they were spending too much time as a family and as a couple involved with various electronic devices instead of each other.  Even after the children went to bed the husband and wife would be on two separate couches each concentrating on their own laptop computer!

They were growing tired of giving all their energies to technology and not having enough quality time with each other and as a family.  They decided to try an experiment, which they called “No Technology Tuesday.”  No technology meant no phone, no TV, no radio, no computers, no electronic gaming devices, no Facebook.  What were they going to do instead?  It’s almost scary!

With no technology to distract anyone they found they had the energy and creativity to do things together.  Soon they were doing puzzles and memory games and table games and reading and talking!  YIKES!  Actually acting as a family!

What a great idea!  I asked if they minded if I shared this information with my readers and they were more than willing.  Maybe we need to be doing this even more than one evening a week.  The distractions, the bombardment of information, most of it trivial, and not even important, keep us holed up in different universes and hold us captive even though we’re inches away.  Couples keep telling me they don’t have time for each other.  Turning all of those crazy things off might be a simple way to force them to actually relate to one another.

Whadayaknow?  Maybe they’d discover they actually LIKE each other!


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