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Ask Dr. Bing Podcast #13: Series Part 3: Is Perversion in the Marital Bed Ok? The Sexuality of Death.  Introducing Uncle Bob

Podcast #13 is a third in a series of podcasts answering the question, “Is perversion in the marital bed Ok?”  This question comes up because there are too many who believe that if we are married we can do what we want.  I’m hoping this podcast can address this false believe, because doing whatever you want in your marriage whether both of you want to do it or not can destroy the sense of security and trust between a husband and wife as well are reducing your own life to a loaf of bread.

In the first in this series I explained the Three Boundaries that must be present for marriage and sexuality in marriage to be all it was intended to be and also highlighted the Four Purposes of Sex. You can find that podcast here.

In the second podcast (available here) I explained the Four Aspects of Sex that make sexuality in marriage the Sexuality of Life.  I’d invite you to listen to those two podcasts as an introduction to this podcast.

In Podcast #13 I explain how the Sexuality of Death counters the Sexuality of Life on all fronts and introduces hurt and fear and worry and selfishness and a whole host of other ills into your marriage or personal and relational life.  In short, it’s a mess and I don’t recommend it.  However the Sexuality of Death is all the rage in our society.  Society doesn’t call it the Sexuality of Death.  Society, others we know, including (sadly sometimes) our own spouse, and our own hearts taunt us with the Sexuality of Death in what I call the Voice of Uncle Bob (whom I introduce in this podcast).  You better get to know Uncle Bob so you can fight his lies.

In addition to Uncle Bob, in this podcast I use several word pictures to portray what I mean by the Sexuality of Death:  I contrast it with The Mother Bear Instinct and Exclusivity in the Holy Temple.  I compare it to Rusting Car Parts in a Junk Yard and An Outhouse in a City Dump.

A Cautionary NOTE: This podcast is rated R.

If you have experimented with any of the activities I discuss in this podcast, please know you DON’T HAVE TO LIVE THIS WAY!  The key to healing from the devastating effects of these behaviors is to NOT DO THEM AGAIN!  I hope to explore the healing process in the fourth podcast in this series so stay tune!  In the meantime, don’t be afraid to give us a call and we’ll set up a time in our office to chat.

I apologize for taking so long to continue this series.  The first one was in October and the 2nd in November!  I’ve tried several different times since to record this podcast, only to decide not to post it.  This topic is very dark and it is difficult to discuss.  I finally feel I’ve approached it in a way that can be heard.  I guess you’ll have to listen and hear for your yourself.  Your comments would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.


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