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Reinventing How You Do Money:  Here’s a Great Story

Hi fellow travelers.  Hey, this time of year  it’s easy to be continually reminded about what we don’t have or can’t afford.  It’s easy to feel pretty down or to use the credit cards way too much or both.  January is the time of year to get right on your diet and to get right about money.  Why not get a jump start on the money issue now!

Dave Ramsey has an awesome plan (called Financial Peace University) that has helped millions (yes, millions) of individuals, couples and families get their financial houses in order.  My wife and I have been on the plan for 4 years and it’s been the best thing we’ve done financially in our 37 years together.  I highly recommend it.  If you aren’t familiar with it check it out here.

Below is a link to a delightful blog by a wife and mother whose husband got on board with the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt.  Her husband was excited to do it and she wasn’t.  The title of her blog is “Why I Dislike Dave Ramsey”.  She’s pretty funny and gets at the heart of a lot of frustration.  Give her an ear.

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