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Encouragement From The Trenches: A Past Client Thanks Carol For Marital Therapy


We saw you the other day while we where out to dinner for our date night, and I really wanted to send you an email. I know I really like getting positive emails from clients and wanted to share how we are doing with you.
It is hard to believe it has been over a year since we started seeing you and how far our marriage has came. I am finally no longer thinking about where we were last (year). It took a long time for me not to have those memories of how miserable we really where, and finally being on the other side of that was huge for me.
I can’t really explain what the moment looked like when it just starting working, because there was not one. That was hard for me, because I wanted  ______  to explain to me when she started forgiving me. It was a very slow process, but it really started by me not pushing her so much. When we started going to counseling she was not ready, and deep down I knew that.
I do think, however, that counseling was great for the both of us because it helped us learn more about each other, and to learn how to communicate. We still use a lot of the techniques we learned, and we still joke about some of them. I have learned not to push her to settle an argument, and she is great about listening if I really need to talk.
We are truly stronger for going through what we went through, and I am so proud we were both strong enough to get through it. For me I got to the point, where I accepted the fact that she might never feel that way about me again. I just kind of moved on, but I kept loving her, and with time it slowly worked its way out. We finally have that attraction back, and that took a long time. I learned to appreciate so many other aspects of our marriage other than sex, and she learned to accept that I was not just being nice to get her into bed.
I don’t know what a perfect relationship looks like, or if there is such a thing. I do know that we both really love each other, and I know that we are going to make it. We consistently work on our marriage, and even though it is tough we find time for it.

______ does things that I have not seen her do for a long time.  She always includes me in family decisions.  She actually bought a years worth of gift certificates, so we had a date night once a month.   Every night we ask each other about how our days were.

Things are really great, and I wanted to share that with you again.

Thanks for all you did.

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