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The Demise of Facebook? Rest in Peace!


There’s a curious cycle I’ve noticed in the rapidly changing world of modern technology: 1) Someone makes an cool invention; 2)  A lag occurs and 3) then soon I start seeing clients who use that technology to hurt themselves, their spouse and even their families.  Video games were the first big culprit (wasting time).  Then cellphones (affairs).  Then email (affairs).  Then the Internet (porn and affairs).  Then texting (affairs).   Then online dating sites (affairs and porn).  Then Facebook (wasting time, withdrawal and affairs).  The latest is Smart Phones that combines them all and is probably the most compelling of them all (affairs, wasting time, withdrawal, sexting and porn).

Facebook is a case in point.  You can look up your old boyfriend or girlfriend in a matter of minutes.  Why you would do that is beyond me.  There’s a reason he or she is your old boyfriend or girlfriend!  Hello!  The egg has been fried.   The cat’s out of the bag.  The money has been spent.  It’s down the drain.  The door has been closed.  The house has been sold.  The case is closed.  Why in the world do you want to revisit old mistakes?  Fantasies are not the stuff of happiness.  As Proverbs says, “he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.”  (12:11).  For sure.  For some reason “fantasies” are compelling.

At least for awhile.  And then they are boring.  Meanwhile, you can lose your dignity over the whole deal.

Just cuz someone searchers for you and finds you does not give them the right to come plowing back into your life.  You don’t have to accept just anyone as your friend.  Boundaries, people!  Facebook is weird.  It’s both public and private.  The public aspect puts you out there for anyone to shop for you.  The private aspect makes you vulnerable to an affair.  Secrets and affairs are cousins.  It’s a mistake waiting to happen, if you aren’t careful.  Oh…you’d never have an affair?  Let him who thinks he stand, take heed, lest he fall, I think the quote goes.  My office has had many, many folks who have told themselves they’d never cheat.  Right.  We all have feet of clay.

Time magazine just published a wonderful prediction: Facebook will experience an 80% decline in just a couple of years!  Woohoo!  They quoted some Princeton researchers who likened it to a disease!  Funny!  Researchers with a sense of humor!  What a riot!

A disease?  How does that work?

I’m quoting from the article you can find here:

Updating traditional models on disease spread to assume that “recovery” requires contact with a nondiseased member — i.e., a nonuser of Facebook (“recovered” member of the population) — researchers predicted that Facebook would see a rapid decline, causing the site to lose 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017.

I love the analogy that those who use Facebook are diseased and those who don’t are nondiseased and the diseased will envy the nondiseased (We have a life!)!  I can personally testify that my usage of FB is down 80%.  No, 95% from a couple years ago.  Now, maybe once a week I check for a few minutes to see if one of my children posted some news.  Otherwise…nah.  I’ve got better things to do.  Boring.  I’m sorry I’m so insensitive, but I really am not all that interested in your picture of your new dog.  I got new light bulbs the other day.  Should I post a picture of that?   Where do you you draw the line?  Some people don’t know where to draw the line.  Then they foist this stuff on you.  And you look at it.  Why are you letting other people determine what you look at and how you spend your time?  It’s time for you to grow bored with this.

It reminds me of playing pool on a neighbor buddy’s new pool table with him and another friend back in high school.  We played non-stop for six weeks (What fun we had!) and then we got bored with it and never played again.  That was the end of it.

Another example: One of my kids was into Magic cards in 7th or 8th grade.  I told him, even though I didn’t like Magic cards, I wasn’t going to prevent it because I assumed he’d outgrow it in due time.  I told him if he was still doing it in 10th grade we’d have to have a serious talk.  That’s all I said and in six months he was bored with it and on to other things.  Good for him.  That’s called maturity!  You know you are NORMAL if you grow bored with things.

Folks…it’s time to grow bored with Facebook!  Really.

These researchers are predicting if no one reads your posts, you won’t post anything anymore!  And if you don’t post anymore, there won’t be anything to read and Facebook will just sit there like an empty warehouse.

Could you imagine?  Mark Zuckerberg broke?  Hilarious!

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