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17 Attitude Adjustments This Holiday Season


It’s that time of year when all the ads for material things, all the desire for material things and all the frantic scurrying around for material things seem to take over our lives.  Slogans flood the airwaves and through our minds, dominating our thinking which, unfortunately can easily dominate our desires and our attitudes and how we treat one another.  Tempers grow short.  Unhappiness lurks beneath the skin.  Discontent is a way of life.  AHHHHHH!!!! Deliver me, O LORD!

David proclaims “Blessed is the man who delights in the law of the Lord” and “Your word, O LORD, is eternal.  It stands firm in the heavens.”  Over the years some phrases from the Bible rattle around in my head.  It’s how I keep my sanity.  It’s how I keep my tank full.  Without it I’d be drained of life long ago.  I often think of them when I hear clients bemoan this or that.  Sometimes I may even say a phrase or two here and there to encourage and exhort.  By the looks of things at Target and Walmart and on NBC and ABC, and CBS and CNN, etc., we could all use an attitude adjustment this holiday season and every season.  “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harder your hearts.”  That’d be Good.

Merry Christmas from Ames Counseling Center.  Or more specifically: may the Light of the World flood your life with joy that only HE can give, because “by His wounds you were healed.”

Attitude Adjustment:

1. Complain in ALL Things VS Rejoice in the Lord always.

2. What have you done for me lately? You never help.  I have to do it all VS The greatest among you shall be your servant.

3. Treat others the way they treat You VS Treat others the way you want to be treated.

4. Scoff at God VS Be strong in the Lord.

5. I NEED, I NEED, I NEED VS It is better to give than to receive.

6. I hurt you because you hurt me, so it’s your fault VS Turn the other cheek.

7. I deserve to be resentful so you’ll know you can’t treat me like this VS Forgive as your Father in Heaven has forgiven you.

8. Fret about all the unfairness VS Give thanks in all things.

9. I want it my way. I have OCD. It’s just who I am VS Love is PATIENT.

10. Get my digs in VS Love is KIND.

11. It’s all about me VS Love does NOT SEEK IT’S OWN.

12. Worry about everything VS Be anxious for nothing.

13. Desire everything. Nothing is off limits VS Flee youthful lusts.

14. I want this and this and this and I want it NOW VS He who seeks his life to find it will lose it.

15. Do whatever you feel VS Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil.

16. Violate your vows or Who needs marriage anyway? It’s just a piece of paper VS Marriage is to be held honorable among all.

17. Divorce your sorry butt and I’m not going to live like this VS What God has joined let no man put asunder.


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