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New Year’s Resolution: Downsize Your Space; Upsize Your Life

Sometimes I think our clamor for all things wonderful has led to the demise of marital contentment.

Couples come to see me stressed to the hilt, with no possible solution in site except to continue to pay student loan debt for the next 25 or even more years, both of them working crazy schedules, rarely seeing each other and when they do they are so exhausted they can’t even be nice to each other.

Divorce won’t solve this problem and creates even more stress and problems and debt and a habit of depending on stuff instead of each other.

The problem for many couples is not that they shouldn’t be married to each other but that they are in bondage to too much stress and their lifestyle doesn’t even permit them time to just chill, relax and enjoy life a bit.

Gotta be busy every minute?

Your marriage is going to deteriorate.  You can blame your spouse, but it’s not your spouse.  Maybe we should take the 10th Commandment a bit more seriously?

Hey, it’s the New Year now.

You’ve made the resolutions to lose weight.  How about losing stuff?  How about losing stress?  How about losing debt?  How about losing space?  Really.  Most of us have too much of everything.

What?  Losing space?

Actually, it’s a refreshing trend of people tired of the rat race and letting things and demands run their lives.  My brother-in-law sent me a link for the article below about a Minnesota couple with two small kids, a huge mortgage and student loan debt who moved from a 2000 square foot home to just over 207 square feet!  YIKES!  They lost space and gained:



-control of their lives

-control of their finances

-she was able to stay home with the children

-they are able to live on his salary as a teacher and knock off debt

-closer to each other

-working toward financial freedom

Maybe the problem is we have too much of everything and too little of each other.  Sometimes the hardest of problems are solved with the simplest solutions.  Check out this couple and their tiny house and be encouraged to declutter your family life.

You can check out the TV Report above.

You can check out the couple’s blog here:

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