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Pick-Me-Up: Rising Above Your Problems: Deflategate and the Chaplain Who Cares

Regardless who you cheered for in the recent Super Bowl game the video above (story is here) is an encouraging story.  It turns out the only NFL team with a full-time chaplain is the New England Patriots and his presence is not just in a private service for ten players on Saturday.

He’s a very visible part of the Patriots organization.  He’s leading by example, which in our day and age is pretty rare.

In the recent “Deflategate” controversy he cautioned the players and coaches to resist letting anger govern their play on the field and instead encouraged them to play because of their heartfelt love of the game.



Most marriages could use a dose of his wisdom and example, so I’ve included it here today to give you a little Pick-Me-Up in case you are discouraged in the daily grind.

In our media we hear this message so rarely, so I’d like to commend ESPN for running this article in ESPN Magazine and making it available online.

Be encouraged.  Lead your family from joy.

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