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What Makes Us Different?

Bing Wall began Heart to Heart Communication in 1995 with the express purpose of using the latest in marital research to help couples stay together. Dr. Wall believed that many people divorced without getting the help they needed to stay together. He also believed that while there were many mental health professionals saying they could do marital therapy, few of them specialized in it. He completed his M.S. and Ph.D. at Iowa State University researching marriage and the factors that keep couples together. The interventions and ideas presented by the staff at Heart to Heart Communication are the latest in marital research.

Marital therapy is difficult. We don’t just sit there and let people complain about each other. We do not think this is helpful. Most couples do enough of that already. Our goal is to be pro-active and to give couples specific information to help them make the choices and changes they need to restore hope and love in their marriage.

One of the tools we use is called PREP, a program out of the University of Denver based upon over 20 years of marital research that helps couples enhance their communication and interactions with each other. We are one of only a few therapists in all of Iowa offering this educational tool, and the only counseling practice in Central Iowa that uses this in marital and premarital therapy. We are also the only therapists in Iowa listed on the Coalition for Marriage, Families and Couples Education web site, a nation-wide directory of marriage educators.

Another advantage of Heart to Heart Communication’s approach is that we do a thorough couple assessment based upon the latest and best marital assessment tools. We have had hundreds of couples complete these assessments so we immediately have an idea of the issues facing the couple and the kinds of things we need to explore. To our knowledge, this is the most thorough assessment of marital relationships in Iowa.

Finally, we are unashamedly pro-marriage. The effects of divorce are monumental in increasing poverty, health problems, alienation and anti-social behavior for both adults and children of divorce. For more information on the devastating effects of divorce see an articled titled Fact Sheet on Divorce in America. We seek to help couples stay together. The staff at Heart to Heart Communication are professionally trained in the latest in marital interventions. While there are certain marriages that are beyond repair and divorce is the only option, we believe that most marriages can be salvaged and even restored to sanity. We believe in marriage. We’ll help you believe in yours.

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