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Two-Minute Marital Pick-Me-Up: A Schedule for Your Winter Getaway: 30 Hours To Regenerate Your Marriage!

In yesterday’s blog I recommended couples work overtime to fine a way to getaway for a winter break.  Couples too often put each other on hold, taking care of their kids and working their butts off and without a little reprieve, one year bleeds into another and we have no milestones, no memory or  handles to hang our lives upon!  Come on, people, it’s time to shake it up.

I also wrote it’s not a good thing to use $$ as an excuse, to put it into your budget as a priority and make sure it happens.

How can we do this on a budget and still have a great time?

Here’s a typical Getaway outline (30 HOURS and it doesn’t have to break the bank) that my wife and I have used over the years, let’s say, to Kansas City:

Before you leave: make reservations at your motel and restaurant for Saturday night.  Buy a cute little gift and/or card for your sweetheart to give at your Romantic Dinner.  Check out the many websites online for ideas.  Bring some nicer clothes for your dinner on Saturday night.  Remember to leave your problems at home.

Leave Central Iowa at 7 AM Saturday, grabbing breakfast on the way.  We discuss what’s been going on lately and listen to a podcast or two of Dave Ramsey on the trip down.

Check out one of the museums (2 hours in a Museum is plenty.  After that the mind starts to fog.).  Some of them are free.  Kansas City has a bunch of them.  Two we’ve liked are the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum ($8 per ticket) and The Negro League Baseball Museum ($8 per ticket). Next on our list: The National WWI Museum, the only one of it’s kind.  There’s not even a NATIONAL WWI Memorial in Washington, DC.

Truman’s Library is in Independence, Missouri (a suburb of Kansas City).  We both read David McCullough’s Truman, before we went, which made for great winter reading and really enhanced our experience since we knew quite a bit about his life before we even visited the museum.  The visit was so impressive we’ve told ourselves that going forward on our bucket list is to attend some of the other Presidential Libraries.  We’ve heard they are pretty fascinating.  It’s amazing to see first hand the accomplishments of some of America’s more picturesque people.  In the Midwest we could also visit Herbert Hoover’s Library in West Branch, Iowa,  Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Library in Abeline, Kansas and Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois.

When we went to the Negro League Baseball Museum, we visited on a summer morning and attended a Royals Baseball Game in the afternoon.  The Royals play at Kauffman Stadium, which was just overhauled to the tune of $250 million in 2009.  The Museum, Game and Kauffman Stadium made for a great one-two punch and a very memorable trip.

-After your museum trip eat lunch at Arthur Bryant’s BBQ Restaurant, which is a Kansas City tradition and one of the oldest in town.  Yum!

Share one of these meals with your sweetheart or you won’t need to eat the rest of the day! Go to the original restaurant at 18th and Brooklyn for a walk back in time.

-In the afternoon check out shopping in one of several districts.  We like the Country Club Plaza and have shopped there a number of times.

Country Club Plaze has 150 stores in a several block area.

-Hit the motel for an afternoon nap and freshen up to go out for Valentine’s Dinner.

Romantic dinner.  Need I say more?

Sunday AM: Relax a bit before hitting an early lunch at Jack Stacks’ Barbeque on the way home.  There are dozens of BBQ places in Kansas City.  We’ve hit a number of them over the years, but after discovering Jack’s we haven’t been to many others.  It is AWESOME.  We especially like the original restaurant in Martin City.  There’s also a newer one in a converted warehouse that is very cool.  All their food is amazing.  I’d make the trip just for their Chessy Corn Bake. I kid you not–Corn?  Unreal.

Jack Stack’s Ribs, Cheesy Corn Bake and Baked Beans

Listen to relaxing music on your iPod on the way home. 

There you have it: 30 hours to cure the winter doldrums.


This is Part Two on Curing Winter Doldrums.  To see the first one click here.


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