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Thank You Note from an 8-Year Old

For a long time I’ve had a thank you note on my bulletin board. It’s fading so much you can barely read it. I thought I should record it for posterity because it worth remembering . . .

Can Marriage Therapists Present a Point of View?

This is another blog in a series from old things I’m finding cleaning out files…past due, no doubt (click Here for the others). The quote below is left over from my dissertation back in my Ph.D. studies at Iowa State in the 1990’s! YIKES! In any case . . .

A Simple Secret of a Happy Marriage

Another one of those tidbits I found rummaging through my files (Click Here to see the all). Again, who knows where it came from? In any case, it’s not only cute, but profound. We all should have a list like this!

Love Tips from Kids

Another cute bit I found in going through old files (see Here for the others). Sorry, I have no idea of the source. Maybe we’ve forgotten how simple true love is?

Divorce Through the Eyes of a Child

Lately I’ve been going through some old files (click Here to see them all) and found this original poem of a girl who won a poetry contest for children ages 9-13 in the State of New Jersey. I’m sorry I can’t tell you more than . . .

Heart to Heart Is Looking for New Therapists!

Due to more people wanting our services, we are happy to announce we are looking for 2 competent part-time counselors (to the right person could become full-time) for the Des Monies (Urbandale) and Ames . . .

17 Attitude Adjustments This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year when all the ads for material things, all the desire for material things and all the frantic scurrying around for material things seem to take over our lives. Slogans flood the airwaves and through our minds . . .

Dating Idea: Camping in the Fall

One of the most common issues I see in marital therapy for couples of all ages is the problem of not spending enough time together. Modern life has given us many blessings and shortcuts and conveniences . . .


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